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Ready to increase sales, build brand awareness and blow your competition out of the water?

  • Build an impressive online presence that will reach and engage your target audience.
  • Learn which tools are right for your business and optimize them to convert sales and leads.
  • Gain the skills you need to keep your resume current and your business relevant.
  • Join over 7,000 business owners, students, developers, authors, and marketers who have already found success!

Gain Access to These Amazing Courses and More!

Access is granted for 6 months to these and any new courses released in that same period.

These courses help you build an optimized presence in each respective platform from the ground up while demonstrating features, tactics, integration techniques, and advanced uses.

  • Social Media Business Essentials
  • Planning a Successful Blog
  • Introduction to Social Networking
  • Facebook Page Essentials
  • Twitter Essentials
  • Essentials
  • LinkedIn Essentials
  • YouTube Essentials
  • Google Plus Essentials
  • Pinterest Essentials
  • Flickr and Other Image Sharing Sites
  • SlideShare and Other Media Sharing Communities
  • Social Bookmarking and Crowd Sourcing
  • Social Media Analytics Essentials
  • Social Media Widgets Essentials
  • Social Media Integration Essentials
  • Social Media Guidelines and Policies
  • Search and Social Media Optimization
  • Marketing With Micro Media
  • Mastering YouTube and Video Marketing
  • Mobile and Location-Based Marketing
  • Content Marketing and Online Discoverability

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The Ultimate Social Media Package for Business Success
Deltina, with her social media courses, helped us put the University of Missouri—St. Louis on the leading edge of engaged social media communications. Because of her, we’re fluent and proactive across the important platforms and have created an award-winning social media newsroom. She’s a gifted teacher and a true subject matter expert who effectively shares her wisdom.
Ron G.
- Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Marketing
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Keep Your Skills Fresh!

Free access to monthly lectures.

This offer grants you free access to DeltinaU's Hot Topics in Digital Marketing Lectures.

  • What's hot in digital marketing
  • Hot new social media tools
  • Tactics that sizzle
  • Advice from industry leaders

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  • Test Your Knowledge

    Optional quizzes are available to test your knowledge and keep you further engaged.

  • Get Certificates

    Each course provides a certificate of completion with a 70% or better quiz score.

  • Ask Questions

    Access instructor-led forums to get your questions answered and connect with fellow learners.

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Using real-world examples, you will learn hands-on how to:

  • Create and implement an integrated and optimized social media strategy
  • Apply best practices and optimization techniques to your overall online presence
  • Develop strategies for brands, public relations, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations
  • Apply tactics and optimization methods to the most important social media platforms
  • Master the features of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube, WordPress, Pinterest, and more
  • Plan and implement a successful blogging strategy
  • Use automation and integration techniques including social media management tools like HootSuite
  • Create a social media analytics plan based on goals and realistic key performance indicators
  • Use social media widgets to build a robust and interactive online presence
  • Utilize location-based marketing services like Foursquare, Yelp, and Google Local
  • Leverage image and document sharing sites like Instagram, Flickr, SlideShare, DocStoc, and Scribd
  • Market within social bookmarking and crowd-sourcing sites like Reddit, Digg, and Quora
  • Apply current search and social optimization techniques to your entire online presence
  • Adhere to digital ethics standards and develop social media guidelines and policies
  • Apply advanced video marketing tactics including promotion, engagement, and optimization
  • Develop effective content marketing plans and implementing e-commerce solutions
  • Implement new content marketing and social media trends like micro-media and infographics
  • Find the best mobile website and mobile application solutions
  • Market on the mobile web including mobile applications, mobile advertising, and QR codes
  • Create sales copy and landing pages that convert to sales
  • And much, much more…

Recap: What You Get

Over 22 five-star digital marketing courses

Access to any new courses for 6 months

Dozens of worksheets and certificates of completion

Free monthly "Hot Topics in Digital Marketing" webinars

Your questions answered in instructor-led forums

Your competition in the dust!

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The Ultimate Social Media Package for Business Success
I had a great opportunity to study Social Media program with Deltina Hay, as well as to watch several of her courses on WordPress, Twitter, YouTube, Mobile Web, Blogs, and to read her books, which are very detailed and good for extensive study. All of her courses and books exceeded my expectations and well worth the time. I was able to use immediately in my work and business what I learned from all of them.
Michael M.
- Web Developer
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Why am I qualified to teach you how to succeed online?

  • I have been consulting for businesses for 30 years; and have applied what I teach to countless products and services.
  • I am the author of three acclaimed books on social media, the mobile web, and search optimization.
  • I have taught many university courses, and developed the social media certificate program for Drury University.
  • I look good in hipster glasses.

Still Not Convinced? Here's What Our Students are Saying

After completing Deltina’s Social Media Certificate course, I now feel I have a competitive advantage over my peers. Deltina is knowledgeable, helpful and a true social media guru. I would definitely recommend her courses.
Molly E.
Graduate Student
I was thrilled with the teaching I received from Deltina Hay. She is a knowledge powerhouse when it comes to Social Media! If you’re serious about learning social media the right way, I highly recommend Deltina’s courses.
John Doe
Joyanne H.
Social Media Strategist
Deltina is passionate about Social Media and aware of the latest trends and technologies. Her course consisted of both theoretical and practical aspects which I found to be extremely valuable. I would recommend her to students interested in taking a course.
Simi B.
Multimedia Producer

Sample Lessons for Free!

Learn the skills you need to compete in a global marketplace and successfully market your business or organization online.

  • Hands On Approach

    Lessons show step-by-step how to create an optimized presence on each social media platform.

  • Real World Examples

    Examples and case studies focus on real businesses and proven tactics and strategies.

  • Immediate Results

    Immediately apply tactics and strategies from the courses and watch your business grow.

  • Practical Worksheets

    Each course provides worksheets you can use to plan your own optimized pages and profiles.

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The Ultimate Social Media Package for Business Success